Our world changes quickly. Between advances in technology and the evolution of its use, we think that the future of creativity is as much in the hands of big business as it is in flexible, curious, more human-sized companies. Darjeeling is one of these entities and has used its flexibility as an advantage. We value strong storytelling, sensitive teams, and a freedom to create.


The most beautiful designs are not worth anything without a great story. That's why we hold a particularly strong interest in the vision of our authors. All of our productions are thought up and created around a story, around a strong point of view of the world.


All our productions are unique and need a large palette of expertise. Each project is an opportunity to create a team of talented professionals in everything from art to technology and all that’s in between. The choice of using tailor-made and handcrafted teams allows us to quickly mobilize the best talent and to cross genres.


In mixing people, genres, and skills, we create an alchemy, a source of creativity. In a world where there are no longer any formats, we are free to invent our own. Producing for new media gives us the possibility to explore the vast fields of hybridization.